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Testpackung Reis Pops 20g (1 Piece)
Testpackung Reis Pops 20g (1 Piece)
Testpackung Reis Pops 20g (1 Piece)
Testpackung Reis Pops 20g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 20g
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The optimal supplementary product for controlling your animal’s adequate nourishment with protein and carbohydrates with valuable nutrients and dietary fibers.


Each animal has different needs for proteins and carbohydrates based on its size, weight, the way it is kept and its breed.

By supplementing Anifit Reis-Pops you can make sure your pet’s actual requirements are met in an optimal way. Reis-Pops are gluten-free and as such especially suitable as “gentle” nutrition for sensitive animals.

The gentle preparation process guarantees good digestibility and wholesomeness. Similar to popcorn, the rice and millet are processed in a type of pressure-cooking process, the hard peel is cracked and the animal digests the contents of the kernel. Without this treatment, the rice and millet kernels would not be digested and excreted.

Watch out for the following signs to see whether the dosage is too low:

The dog is losing weight: It is not getting enough energy, thus the amount of Anifit Rice Pops should be increased.

The animal’s stool has an intensive smell or is very hard: the high proportion of Anifit cans contains a lot of protein; decrease the overall proportion by adding Anifit Rice Pops.

The dog is suffering from diarrhea and flatulence: this can have many reasons but is usually caused by an infection. Leave out the Rice Pops for a few days to relieve the digestive system.


Add the rice pops to Anifit canned food and feed. Soak in lukewarm water for 15 minutes in case your animal has digestive problems.

Made of:

Puffed rice, puffed millet, herbs


Packages of 750g